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Learn a Whole Perspective on Everyday Custom Products by Christian

Concrete thinking

Everyone knows that cement and concrete are the same thing, right? If we’re talking about how people usually use the two words, that’s true. If I were to ask you to imagine a concrete building, would it look any different than if I asked you to imagine a cement building? Or if I said that the sidewalk downtown is made of cement, would it be any less correct than if I said the sidewalk downtown is made of concrete? Today, I found a blog post that really inspired me, nowhere other than on It explains in simple terms the real difference between cement and concrete.

 Cement vs. Concrete

“In general terms, the word cement refers to any kind of binder that tightly holds other materials together. Concrete, on the other hand, is a mixture of materials like sand, gravel, and small rocks combined with any type of cement and water. The concoction is then allowed to dry and harden. Basically, concrete is the stone-like structure formed after cement and other materials are mixed together. The cement is just a part of the recipe.”

 Are your definitions still set in stone?



Before reading this article, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the difference between cement and concrete, and I too have used the two words interchangeably for all my life. But now that I know the truth about concrete and cement, it has helped me to wrap my brain around the way other things are categorized and defined.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hat as “a covering for the head that often has a brim and a rounded or flat top”. So by some sort of logic, if you turn a bucket upside-down and place it upon your noggin, then the bucket satisfies all the requirements of being a hat.

 1. On your head? Check!

2. Rounded, flat top? Check!

It’s a hat!

 This years new fashion trend?




Choose how you view everyday products

Arguing that anything you put on your head should be considered a hat is a little extreme, and very silly. But this concept is actually valuable when thinking about many products you use every day. Take custom products thatThe/Studio manufactures for example. We offer so many special options on all of our products that you can literally choose what to call your product. Yes, if you really want to, you can put any of them on your head and declare “hat status”. (We do make high-quality custom caps specifically for your head, though.)

  Patch vs. Coaster vs. Keychain vs. Magnet

To take a closer look, let’s talk about PVC products. The PVC material can be thought of as the “cement” of our PVC products. Then you mix in other ingredients in order to make the PVC into patches, coasters, keychains or magnets – or four separate kinds of “concrete”.

For PVC patches, it’s one part design, one part dyed PVC material and any other special options you choose, like Velcro backing. Voila! You’ve got yourself a PVC patch.

For PVC coasters, just add a couple millimeters of thickness to your patch design, and make it a round or square shape. Bam! A restaurant-quality custom PVC coaster.

For PVC keychains, reserve an area on your design to include a chain link and key ring. Cha-Ching! Put your keys in the ignition and start your engines. This custom PVC keychain is ready for a road-trip!

For PVC magnets, choose to attach a flexible sheet magnet to the back of your patch, or embed a solid-state magnet. Tah-dah! Stick this beautiful, decorative custom PVC magnet to your family refrigerator.

 PVC products for a new perspective


the-studio-pvc-productsOnce you start to think about everyday products from a “cement/concrete” point of view, you might also begin to see new ways that you can alter other products, too. Like a mug turned pencil holder, or an old tire turned tire swing — what was originally manufactured to be or do “A”, can be transformed to be or do “B”. Making custom products accessible to anyone with a product concept is what The/Studio is here for. If you’re looking for a custom product that just doesn’t exist yet, talk to us, and we will make your custom product idea into a reality – even if it’s a bucket personalized to fit your head.




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