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Learning from our Customer Part 1: PVC by Nina

Although the company has been in business for almost a decade now, with this industry of customized products, innovations and new products are a constant thing.

Initially, when you think of patches, the first thing that will come to mind will be embroidered patches. Patches that are made of fabric and threads. But not anymore. Patches are not just limited to fabric and threads, we can also do patches that are made of soft PVC rubber!

One customer of ours had asked us one day about a water proof patch that they are thinking of doing, they are an Airsoft company and their patches are subjected to wear and tear during tournaments. They get wet, muddied, and basically ruined.

Patches are not just ornaments, they are a brand of identification for Airsoft groups, that is why it is important for their patches to be durable.

This customer had then asked what other materials can be used for patches, and one of the ideas that we have thought of were silicon rubbers. This customer had then seen a key chain made of such and he had thought if this soft PVC rubber can be made into almost anything, why not patches. We had looked into it, that’s the first time that we have heard of PVC patches and something that, as company, we’re really interested in doing.

To make the long story short, we were able to come up with a new product that was specifically intentioned but not necessarily limited to Air soft groups: PVC Patches!

Aside from being water proof and durable, there are a lot of options that can be done to PVC patches, like adding a Velcro backing on them, adhesive backing, or even using glow in the dark materials. The possibilities are endless! It is also versatile in which after using them for an event, they can definitely serve as a souvenir!

So, when you think of something new and unique for your next event and you are tired of doing your basic embroidered patches, think about PVC patches and ask us about it!

PVC patches cannot be ironed on… 😉




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