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LEGOLAND Discovery Center The Studio Patch Stories

Kristina Pucci from LEGOLAND Discovery Center

LEGOS are a toy that have spanned generations and are still a popular staple of children’s play time around the world. The privately held Danish Company has been manufacturing these amazing building block toys since 1949 and has since expanded to everything from amusement parks to video games.

Personally, playing with Legos was such an integral part of my childhood. LEGOS allowed my imagination to run wild and allowed my artistic visions to come to life while teaching me that structure was the foundation to those artistic visions.

We at The/Studio were all very excited to have the opportunity to interview Kristina Pucci for our most recent installment of our custom patch story. Kristina is the trade sales manager for LEGOLAND Discovery Center. I appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her custom patch story with us. I know you will enjoy this interview as much as I did!


The/Studio: Tell our readers a little bit about who you are:?

Kristina Pucci: We are LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago. An indoor family attraction featuring rides, a 4D movie theater, LEGO exhibits and more. We offer many school, group, birthday and scout packages! ??

Patches by The/Studio: What is the story behind the custom embroidered patches that you chose?

Kristina Pucci: We decided to create the patch for our scout groups who visit the attraction. We wanted to provide them with something to take home and wear proudly.

Patches by The/Studio: That sounds like a great idea and something the boy scouts and girl scouts would really appreciate while being a low-cost giveaway. Where are you going to adhere the LEGOLAND scout custom patches to?

Kristina Pucci: The patches can be adhered to scout vest, clothing or bags.

Patches by The/Studio: To the scouts, this patch will be a fantastic memory at the LEGOLAND Discover Center. What does this patch represent to you?

Kristina Pucci: The patch represents the LEGOLAND Discovery Center brand and can hopefully help us spread the work about the scout programs we have to offer.

Patches by The/Studio: Is there a customer experience that you are most proud of?

Kristina Pucci: Our entertainment staff is amazing! We get so many good reviews on how much fun kids have when they visit us.

Patches by The/Studio: There seems to be a ton of interesting things to do at the LEGOLAND Discovery center. What is your favorite exhibit or ride at LEGOLAND?

Kristina Pucci: My favorite ride is Kingdom Quest! It’s a moving interactive laser ride were you can compete again your friends to get the high score. I can literally ride it over and over again until I win!

Patches by The/Studio: It sounds like bringing the LEGO experience into a theme park setting  provides many children with memorable experiences. I can imagine you have dealt with some difficulties along the way. What are some of the greatest challenges you face in your business?

Kristina Pucci: Space. We would love to expand our play areas, education rooms and birthday rooms. Until then we do the best we can while providing great customer service.

Patches by The/Studio: We place a huge focus on the customer’s experience as well; from the looks of it your doing a great job! Where do you see LEGOLAND in 10 years?

Kristina Pucci: My dream would be to have an indoor LEGOLAND waterpark attached to the current attraction. Until then our visitors will have to go all the way to our waterparks in California and Florida.

Big thank you to Kristina Pucci for taking the time to share her patch story with us. We all enjoyed this interview and hearing about this truly nostalgic moment.

Do you remember your favorite LEGO creation? Tell us about it in the comments! We are always interested in featuring our clients in our custom patch interview series. If you would like to be featured, comment below or contact us for more details. We look forward to hearing your patch story!




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