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Legos and The/Studio by Joseph A

I recently bought some Lego sets (Star Wars miniatures and the Ferrari F1). You see, as a kid I grew up having these kinds of toys. Reminiscing back, I remember the fun in building those tiny separate pieces and constructing them into something amazing. With these current sets, it’s no doubt that I got those feelings rushing back once again, but this time with even more admiration on the details.

Star Wars Legos

Ferrari F1 Lego

I started admiring the company itself, Lego. From its humble beginnings to where it is right now, as one of the most profitable and influential toy lines out there. I can’t help compare it to The/Studio, which is treading the same path: from its modest start, to attention to details, placing high regards to its customers and always thinking of innovative ways to improve.

You see, The/Studio also prides itself in making high quality professional products. Just like Legos, crafted perfectly to work into each piece.

Here’s to Lego and The/Studio.




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