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Four Reasons Why “Made in America” Clothing is the Better Choice

Aside from the obvious issues with non-domestic manufacturing, there are several reasons why many American companies are ensuring their manufacturing comes back to the country. Below, get the rundown on why “Made in America” is all the rage.

Lower Minimum Order Requirements (MOQs)

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest reasons why clothing lines made in America are becoming more popular is that companies can make much smaller orders. According to IndustryWeek, some non-domestic manufacturers require minimum orders of tens of thousands of units. This can not only be expensive, but also lead to overstock. Both are bad news for your bottom line.

While the high quantities associated with this type of mass production may have worked in the past, it simply doesn’t fit with consumer demands today. Markets are more fragmented, trends change more quickly, and consumers demand leaner, better-curated stock from their favorite brands. Manufacturing in the United States means choosing from a variety of different manufacturing options, including manufacturers with lower or no MOQs, giving you more control over upfront costs and inventory.

Faster Turnaround Time

It’s no surprise that between ordering, manufacturing, fulfilling, and shipping internationally, overseas manufacturing can be a slow process – which is one big reason many clothing lines made in America are becoming so popular. Clothing “made in America” quite simply takes less time to make.

In addition to the time reduction based on simple logistics, on-demand manufacturers (ODM) in the United States are able to speed up production time even more than traditional domestic manufacturers. With low-to-no MOQs and the ability for design, customization, manufacturing, and order fulfillment all under one roof, companies utilizing ODM in the U.S. are saving time and money, not to mention getting their products into customers’ hands more quickly than ever.

Increased Consumer Demand

According to a study from Consumer Reports, about 80 percent of American consumers surveyed say they would rather purchase a product made in America than one that’s imported. In fact, more than 60 percent of participants said they’d pay a 10 percent premium on the price.

The same study also revealed that three out of four who buy American-made products do so because the products are better regulated or are made with higher quality in the United States compared to those manufactured elsewhere. In addition, the study found that 80 percent of buyers of American-made goods believe the companies have better working conditions than non-domestic manufacturing companies.

There are many reasons why “Made in America” clothing is the better choice right now, but one thing is clear: there’s a clear preference on the part of consumers for clothing lines made in America.

Innovative Solutions

Manufacturing innovation is rapidly changing the apparel industry around the globe, but clothing lines in America get all of the benefits of domestic manufacturing (access to ODM and faster turnaround times) in addition to the affordability and speed that comes with automation.

Many U.S. apparel companies are choosing to keep their clothing lines made in America simply because of the incredible technology offered by on-demand manufacturers and traditional manufacturers embracing new technology.


At The/Studio, you can take advantage of all of the above perks of American-made clothing – plus a few bonuses, like free prototype sampling from our expert design team. Access to high-quality, made-in-America fashion has never been easier.

Learn more about on-demand manufacturing at The/Studio today.




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