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Magic by Emmy

January 26, 2015

It’s Magic!

As we continue to work on the sales collateral and material for our upcoming trade show Sourcing @ MAGIC in Las Vegas Feb 16th -19th I become more and more excited.  This show is a unique opportunity for our company to be face-to-face with our potential customer, something most people don’t have time for these days because of their busy schedules.  In today’s workplace culture there’s been a huge shift in the way people communicate.  In the past, sales reps were expected to visit with customers on a regular basis, which transitioned into mostly phone conversations, which has now transitioned again to mostly email and social media communication.  When you combine electronic methods of communication and a language barrier as a result of more and more being sourced offshore, a lot can be lost in translation making every project a little slower and a little more work.  This trade show will remove all of those nuances out of the equation and that’s exciting. 

In addition to being face-to-face with our potential customer, The/Studio’s CEO and founder, Joseph Heller, will also be there to share the company’s plans for 2015 and beyond.  It’s an exciting time at The/Studio and we would love to share that with our customers and potential customers so come see us! 

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