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Make Your Pins Pop with these 5 Unique Pin Add-ons

Since vintage styles are becoming trendy, lapel pins are also gaining extensive revival. And that’s because they can turn any outfit into a suave, classic ensemble. But did you know you can kick it up a notch and give your custom lapel pins that extra appeal you desire?

Yes, you can! “How?” You ask. Through pin add-ons, that’s how. Add-ons can add that “wow” effect to your pins, making it more interesting and striking. 

There are several unique add-ons you can use for the most spectacular pins in almost every design: from glitters and dazzling metals to blinkers and spinners.

Let’s discuss a few, shall we?


I bet you didn’t know that you can add danglers to your lapel pin design? Well, you can. A dangler is a small pin added to the base pin through a small chain to add interest.

You can use danglers to recognize employee achievements each year. Luckily, multiple dangling charms can be appended to the base pin as they are earned. And this means that you don’t have to order new pins every year.  


Go glitzy with glitter – one of the best ways to add sparkle and texture to your pin! Due to their sophisticated look, glittered pins are very popular among pin collectors and the perfect design to spark up your wardrobe repertoire. 

Although glitter looks amazing on a soft lapel pin, it can give a rough feel. So it’s best to use a hard lapel pin if you want to use glitter. This will help seal the surface for a shimmering and glossy finish.


Get a 3D look by adding this popular add-on. Common with sports trading pins, spinners are designed by attaching a second pin to the first with a rivet that lets it spin around freely. This unique add-on unveils artistic designs that can’t be created with a regular static lapel pin.


Rhinestones can make a basic design instantly stunning and flashy. These stones come in a variety of sizes and colors. Plus, they convey elegance and have high fashion appeal since they can shine bright.

What’s more, adding some rhinestones and glitter might be the best way to make your pin more tradable – you never know.

Magnetic Pin Backing

Not everyone enjoys poking holes into their outfit. If you don’t, you can get a magnetic backing to keep the pin attached while protecting your outfit. 

Now, how does a magnetic backing make your pin pop? This is a no-brainer. Part of what adds the “wow” to a pin is displaying them on many beautiful surfaces.

With a magnetic backing, you can put them on display shelves, fridges, computers, elegant fabrics, and other magnetic metal surfaces.

Incorporating any of these ideas will make your custom lapel pin pop, no doubt. So which of these add-ons ideas would you want to create? Let us help you find the perfect add-on for your custom lapel pins.





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