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Maximum Quality Custom Patches at No Minimum Quantity

Maximum Quality Patches at No Minimum Quantity

By Christian


 Embroidery, industry, technology: The/Studio advantage

Not too many years ago, there was a time when customizing a patch required the right set of hand tools and a liberal amount of elbow grease. From sheering sheepswool and spinning thread, to weaving twill and stitching by hand, in those days, making embroidered patches one by one was the only employable method. But those days are gone. Through advancements reaching back to the weaves and looms of the industrial revolution, all the way to the rise of a lasting fad we call the internet. More and more technologies have made it possible to mass-produce patches. Just like the industrial grade Tajima embroidery machines that we use with sewing speeds of up to 1100 SPM – That means hundreds of thousands of embroidered patches per day!

At The/Studio, we reinvented the patch production infrastructure to that we can manufacture high volume orders faster than any other patch supplier. The secret is in our streamlined customer area, which we call The/Studio Factory Cloud. Our Factory cloud is an area for both customers and factory managers to gather with a single goal – to make the embroidered patch process faster and better. We surely do not claim have contributed to the engineering of the world’s best industrial embroidery machines (Tajima), but we confidently declare that The/Studio is the leading innovator that has harmonized the industrial efficiency of the machine with the logistical interface that connects dots faster than ever before. What does that mean for you? No matter what the quantity of your order, small or large, few or many, The/Studio will make your patches faster and always deliver the world-class custom product standards that our loyal customers have come to expect.

 Big custom embroidered patch orders for big names

On our embroidered patch pricing page, we list prices for quantities up to 10,000 pieces, but the system we have developed allows us to produce orders of millions even billions of patches – The more the merrier! Since we started business almost a decade ago, The/Studio has had some big-deal brands employ our services to manufacture their large-scale custom patch orders. From a diverse array of industries, recognizable corporations rely on us to swiftly output custom embroidered patch orders of immense volume. Our corporate customers usually have their own quality control personnel on hand, so there is no minimum embroidered patch quality standard because only the best is accepted. And that’s our end product every time, even for the biggest patch quantity orders. Our “no patch left behind” policy dictates that before shipment, every single patch will be carefully examined.





Taco Bell


 No minimum effort for low quantity custom patch orders

On the other end of the spectrum, our website lists prices for orders even as little as 10 pieces. But every time a customer comes to us with a patch request, no matter how small, we never say no. When our customers ask us how to order custom patches, it doesn’t matter how many patches they request – or how few. Most competitors will kick you to the curb if you make a low minimum patch request. (Maybe even literally if you ask for only one embroidered patch!) But at The/Studio, the same efficient industrial methods and digital processes are applied to each custom patch quote. Small patch quantities are welcome here!

Case and point – We occasionally get orders from people who have a deep sentimental connection with their embroidered patch. Their accounts of strong attachment to their personal patch design, and the story behind it is inescapably poignant. Looking back, it’s fitting to recount one of our many touching stories from over the years – This time about how The/Studio recreated an honored Navy veteran’s embroidered patch to the exact specifications of his time of service. We know that the value of embroidered patches is not measured by size or quantity.

 A letter from the honorable Lieutenant Commander Ed McBride

“In the days of wooden ships and iron men […], I rescued two pilots who survived a mid-air collision. The USS America’s pilots presented me with a leather flight jacket, which is why I put my patch on the flight jacket. I can’t express how happy I am with this final product (a single patch). To me, I am wearing a work of art representing my naval career. Thank you so much for being an integral part of the process of bringing my dream to reality.”

. . . Read Lieutenant Commander Ed McBride’s full story.


 Patch quantities from 1 to 1 billion

From industry to technology, from embroidery to heart, The/Studio continues to improve 1% everyday to bring the best service for large orders and small orders alike. Efficiency, speed and quality are essential to our checklist for every piece we make. We promise excellent custom embroidered patches at no minimum as well as outstanding output for giant quantities. The/Studio understands both the competitive requirements of global conglomerates as well as the nostalgic feelings of exemplary individuals. Need custom patches? No minimum, no problem! We combine the best industrial equipment in the world with the customization industries most advances online platform. All this because we see not the value of patches through order size, but because we see the value of patches through our customers’ eyes.





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