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Meet the Hero Patches Mascot

June 24, 2013

Meet the Hero Patches Mascot

I want to proudly introduce you to the official mascot of Hero Patches. This handsome dog’s name is Brando, he was named after the famous actor, Marlon Brando. He is a black Labrador, he is 2 years old and he loves long walks on the beach. Brando is truly the heart of Hero Patches. He comes to work every day with an enthusiastic personality and a wagging tail. He puts a smile on everyone’s face! It’s not hard to understand why Brando is the Hero Patches mascot he puts the “H” into Hero!

Below is Brando’s Hero Patches contract , the contract includes the duties and guidelines of being a mascot for Hero Patches. This will give you a inside look into the life of an amazing mascot.


This contract is interned into by Brando and Hero Patches. The term of this Agreement shall begin now and shall continue till as long as you want to be our mascot , which we hope is forever!

The specific terms of this contract are as follow:

1. I will always wag my tail.

2. I will always allow everyone to pet me.

3. I will play fetch

4. I will TRY to be nice to cats.

5. I will TRY and not eat people food.

6. I will jump into your arms.

7. I will lick everyone.

8. I will only bark at custom emblem competitors.

9. I will not chew the custom patches.

10. I will love custom patches.

In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein , the wonderful dog covenants and agrees that it shall go to the dog park and all dog friendly events.

The second party covenants and agrees that it shall always love and walk Brando.

This contract may not be modified in any manner unless in writing and signed and pawed by both parties. This contract shall be binding upon the the parties and shall be enforced under the laws of the State of California.

_____________________________________________                                                 _____________Hero Patches  _________
(Paw print )                                                                                                                                   (Signature)

_____________________________________________                                                 ____________________________________________

(Address if Brando were to get lost)                                                                         (Address)

As you can see Brando pawed his contract and he has been working with us ever since. He loves being a mascot and he loves custom embroidered patches! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful mascot!

Below is a picture of the handsome fellow!

patches Brando

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