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Meet the Man Behind the Burger Patches

Who is Jason Fischer?


The/Studio: Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!


Jason: My name is Jason Fischer, I’m a freelance cartoonist and illustrator from Los Angeles living and working in Portland, Oregon. I create comics, storybooks, zines, illustrations, paintings, stickers and of course, patches. When I’m not working on my own creations, I assist other cartoonists with their comics by preparing comic pages for color or coloring them fully. Recently I had the pleasure to assist Bryan Lee O’Malley on his new graphic novel Seconds; my job was to ink the settings, environments, food, buildings and other background elements of the comic. I am currently working on a few self-published books and a graphic novel.


The/Studio: That’s so exciting! What have you learned since becoming a artist?


Jason: The most important lesson I’ve learned and try to apply always is to be punctual, reliable, dedicated, helpful, understanding, flexible, good humored and, especially important, kind. Most people want to work with someone who can manage a few of these points. I’ve also learned to work on the art that’s worthwhile to me.


The/Studio: What about your career are you most proud of?


Jason: Working with Bryan on Seconds was a phenomenal achievement. It marked the true beginning of my artistic career. I’m incredibly proud of the work we all put into that book and the lessons I learned from
the experience. It was a very challenging job and the workload was immense but the art is some of my finest and it fills me with pride to see that book on my shelf and to know I helped make it great.


The/Studio:  What are some of the greatest challenges you face with your career as a artist?


Jason: Simply staying on task, keeping to schedule and creating new work. Although I love making art and telling stories, it’s always difficult to sit down and just create. As my career grows so too my responsibilities and standards. I always set out to make the best work I can and this determination can hinder me at times. I relish in small details with my art and stories, sometimes to the point where it’s debilitating to my work.


The/Studio: Where do you see your career in 10 years?


Jason: I’ll be 41 in the year 2025. My ultimate goal is to have a complete, multi-volume graphic novel series finished and enjoyed by many readers. On top of that I’d like to have a decently sizable catalog of short stories, comics and illustrations. I’d also like to continue to assist other artists in their work, contributing to many stories besides my own. I just want to do a lot of work by then.

The/Studio: What is the story behind the custom product that you produced with The/Studio?

Jason: One of my themes in my work is food, specifically showcasing the classic cheeseburger. In 2012 I made my first book themed after burgers, a zine called “Burgermancer #1”. My fans really enjoy my drawings of burgers so I decided to make patches based on my burger art. I’ve made three burger themed patch designs with The Studio and they’ve all been a hit! I’d like to continue making more burger and food themed patches, they’re all so beautiful and beloved.


burgermancer-cover-jfish-1 burger-dreams


The/Studio: How are you going to use this custom product?

Jason: I sell my burger patches at my Etsy shop along with my burger stickers and Burgermancer zine. I also sell my patches with the rest of my artwork and comics at comic conventions throughout the year.


The/Studio: Describe the custom product and what it means?

Jason: My first custom patch is based on a drawing of a classic cheeseburger. The second custom patch I made was a special design for Valentine’s Day of a heart-shaped burger with a curling scroll over it that says “Burgers” in decorative font. My newest custom patch is a typographic design of the word “BURGER” rendered in classic burger ingredients: B is a seeded bun, U is a leaf of lettuce with pickle, R is a tomato and red onion, G is melted cheese, E is the patty (meat or veggie), and R is the bottom bun with a little sauce.


burger patches


The/Studio: Your patches are some of my favorites! I always get so hungry looking at them! Do you have any promotions you would like to offer our community?


Jason: As a thanks for reading my interview and taking the time to get to know me, you can have 15% off at my Etsy shop with the coupon code PATCHFRIENDS!


The/Studio: Do you have any upcoming events that our community members can attend?


Jason: I’ll be tabling at a few comic conventions this spring: BellCAF in Bellingham, WA on March 14th, Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA from March 27th-29th and LineworkNW in Portland, OR on April 14th-15th.



Thank you Jason for sharing your story with  us! We will continue to follow your flourishing career!




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