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Meet Trevor, a true Calgary Flames and Stampeders fan

Who is Trevor?

The/Studio: Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Trevor: Hello, my name is Trevor Patrick. I am a single father of 2 teenage boys. I work full time as a shipyard rigger. I am a bit eccentric in my likes I guess as I have an appreciation for faerie arts, fantasy and mythical stories and faerie tales. As well I am learning to speak Russian and dance. I am a huge Calgary Flames and Stampeders fan.

Grey Cup 2014- Trevor

Grey Cup 2014 Cowboy Hat

The/Studio: You sound like a fun guy! What is the story behind the custom patches that you produced with The/Studio?

Trevor:  I had purchased Grey Cup tickets in hopes that my CFL team the Calgary Stampeders would be playing in the Championship game set in Vancouver on November 30th, 2014. That July, I took my kids on a road trip out to Calgary to see The Calgary Stampeders home opener…the atmosphere there was so energetic when the team took the field. The cheerleaders did an amazing performance and now having taken some dance class I could really appreciate all the hard work and training they put into learning their performances.

Outriders - Calgary Stampeders Cheerleaders

After leaving the game, I thought I would try to find a black straw cowboy hat with the logo on it that I could wear to the upcoming Grey Cup game. I didn’t find one in Calgary, but I did get one in Victoria without the logo. Then I thought it would great if I could customize by getting the Stampeders logo on it, then further by getting the Stampeder Outriders logo on it. That original idea came to me from a coworker who cuts logos of old hats and sews them onto bags etc to personalize them. So I set out about finding these patches, which to my disappointment I could not find anywhere, even online. The next step was to see about custom patches where I came across The Studio and placed my order. Anne, whom I talked to, was very helpful in walking me through the whole process. Upon getting my patches, I promptly sewed them on a bag I had made at work and ironed them onto my new straw cowboy hat. I took some pictures and sent them to the Calgary Stampeders Outriders. They really seemed to like the personalized hat and bag. I told them that I would be seeing them Grey Cup weekend.

Well when Grey Cup weekend arrived, I was there and one girl recognized the hat with the Outriders patch on it and took it to show the rest of the team and coaches. They really liked it and were full of questions as to why, where, and how did I get it. All I was thinking is I wish I had ordered enough to give to them all.

I really think it comes down to I appreciate how much work all these wonderful girls do and how little they are compensated for it. I mean they are unpaid as in wages but work very very hard and put in a lot of time.  I guess it is my way of showing, as a fan of football, I am also a fan of the dance team as well. Hence, I decided to order more patches that I can just give to them all.

The/Studio: Wow! You are a true and loyal fan. That is so awesome! How are you going to use this custom patch?

Trevor: I display my Calgary Stampeders patch and Calgary Stampeder Outriders patch daily on my backpack, and I hope the legacy it leads to is that these young women get compensated fairly, as they do a tremendous amount of work and appearances outside of the weekly football games.  I would hope that they get equal treatment by the league and fans. They are more than just cheerleaders, they’re ambassadors to the sport and need to be treated equally. I became more aware of this by the lawsuit filled by the Buffalo Jills and how they are treated and objectified by the Buffalo Bills and the NFL.

Outriders - Calgary Stampeders Patch

The/Studio: I saw a documentary on this exact subject on ESPN. I hope they get the pay that they deserve as well! I am sure they appreciate your support.

Thank you Trevor for sharing your story with us. Your team is lucky to have you as a fan!








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