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Meet Lisa Mechaley

This week’s Customer of the Week comes to us from the Big Apple. Meet Lisa, an education director at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum.

Who is Lisa Mechaley?

The/Studio: Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Lisa: My name is Lisa Mechaley and I am the Education Director for the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum.

The/Studio: That must be such a fun job! What is the Hudson Nature Museum?

Lisa: The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum is a very busy nature center in the Hudson Valley of NY.  Our mission is to create responsible caretakers of the environment through our environmental education programs.  Our organization runs family, school, and scout nature programs during the week and on weekends.  The museum is also home to a nature based preschool.

The/Studio:  Sounds like a wonderful museum! What about your museum are you most proud of?

Lisa: I am proud of our high quality environmental education programs.

The/Studio: What are some of the greatest challenges you face with your museum?

Lisa: Funding.

The/Studio: I can only imagine how difficult receiving funding is. Where do you see your museum in 10 years?

Lisa: Our organization has grown as much as it can at our current location.  The staff and board members are working on renovating our barn to allow for more program space, and a bigger preschool.

The/Studio: Wow! A barn? That sounds wonderful! What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Lisa: In addition to working with public schools, we also work with schools for undeserved boys and girls in Newburgh, NY.  I would like to find funding for this program to continue every year.

The/Studio: I hope you get the funding that you need to continue. What is the story behind the custom product that you produced with The/Studio?

Lisa: The Museum has been getting our custom scout patches through the studio for a number of years.  The patches are given out at our scout days.  One of the most fun aspects of my job is to design these patches and work with The/Studio.

The/Studio: That’s so nice to hear! How are you going to use this custom product?

Lisa: Scout fun patch, and scout maple sugar patch.

The/Studio: Describe the custom patch and what does it mean?

Lisa: Our organization runs a maple sugaring program for the public.  One weekend during the season, we run scout maple sugar tours for boy and girls scouts.  After the scouts complete the tour, they get a maple sugar patch.  On other spring and fall weekends, we run badge programs for boy and girl scouts.  During these weekends, the scouts get the “fun patch.

The/Studio: Yummy! You are making me hungry!  Do you have any upcoming events that our community members can attend?

Lisa: Upcoming weekend events are: Winter survival, Big Cats, and a Beekeeping workshop

The/Studio: They all sound like fun events! Is there anything our community members can do to help your museum?

The/Studio: We are always looking for donations, new members, and volunteers.

If you would like to learn more about the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum visit their website:

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum Logo

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us.










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