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Mighty Ducks Reunion by Joseph A

I am a big fan of the Mighty Ducks films (you can probably guess how old I am by now). So imagine my surprise when just recently, the cast got back together to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary (yes, I know, I am really that old).

I am a fanboy at heart, so anything I can get my hands on that reminds me of something I love and I keep. This is no exception. I got this Mighty Ducks patch logo way back when their 2nd film came out (D2: The Mighty Ducks) and swore to keep it as part of my collection. Never have I imagined that the kids in Mighty Ducks would reunite and form that “flying V” (their hockey formation they were famous for) once again, all grown up and adults this time around. And never did I imagined that I’ll be working for a company that makes quality patches (I’m pretty sure we can do a better job creating that Mighty Ducks logo patch).

might ducks movie group picture


Everything just fell into place at the right time; The Mighty Ducks reunion, me having that Mighty Ducks logo patch, and me working for a patch company that I am very proud of. As for the comic books in the background, that’s a different story.

might duck patch




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