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Mistake with your Custom Patch?

Mistake with your Custom Patch?

When ordering your custom patchit is important to know that these patches truly are custom made. Your dream patch isn’t sitting in a warehouse, it’s waiting for you to create. You decide the size , shape , color , design and concept of your embroidered emblem , your custom patch is one of a kind!

With any customized product there is a chance of an error occurring , we monitor production very closely and we control the quality of our custom embroidered patches.

Hero Patches has a specialized team that was created to inspect each custom patch before it’s shipped to the customer. They look through every custom patch in detail, searching for any mistakes. Occasionally details can be missed even by the sharpest eye because a custom emblem goes through several stages of production. I say occasionally because we keep close records of the percentage of orders  that have errors. The percentage of orders with defects is 2% which means that 98% of our orders are without any problems.

If you receive your custom patch order and the color is not what you excepted or the backing option is not the one you selected , contact your creative specialist immediately. Your creative specialist will ask you to take a picture of the patches you received and as long as we can determine it was our error , we will redo the custom patches free of charge and include free shipping.
The patch that you see below is a before and after of one of the custom patches we created that had an error.  When we showed the customer the sample on our custom CRM, the customer approved the design with an exclamation point ! after the S.  However, our production team forgot to cut the small connecting thread between the stick and the dot, so it looked like and I or an L instead of an exclamation point. We redid the patches right away and shipped it to our customer free of charge.

Here at Hero Patches we have your best interest at heart , we of course don’t want to make any mistakes on your custom patch but if for some reason this happens, we want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make everything perfect for you , we can definitely make it right!

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