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About Molds by Alex

November 10, 2014

Recently one of our customers asked a very good question – “How long do we keep the molds?”

The customer was going to order some metal coins from our company. He probably will reorder the exact same coins again in six months or a year. However, he doesn’t want to pay the mold fee again when he places the reorder since the mold fee is actually pretty high.

Now I have collected some information for  all our current products that need molds. I hope it will eliminate your questions and concerns.

Metal Coin - The molds are normally kept for at least three years

PVC Patch -  Also the molds are kept for at least three years

Printed Patch - The molds are kept for about one year

Embroidered Patches- We keep them in a dst file forever

Woven Labels- We keep them in a dst file forever as well

Hope it helps.

Thank you!

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