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The Most Beautiful Embroidered Patch That I Have Ever Seen

As the CEO and founder of the company, I have literally seen thousands of different patch designs.  I sometimes love looking through the samples of past patches that we have produced.  Today I however came across what I believe to be the most beautiful patch that I have ever seen.  I was looking at the orders that were scheduled to ship today and my eyes immediately gravitated towards this patch pictured here.

The success of the patch is both due to our internal team as well as the organization that ordered this patch from us.  The organization than ordered from us created the design, and their designer is clearly very talented.  The colors that the designer chose are absolutely amazing and are extremely consistent throughout the entire design.  The patch was made to commemorate “America’s First Thanksgiving” that took place in 1619, and the colors used truly give the impression that the patch is from this time period.  The use of white, golds and cream are executed perfectly, and the red, blue, yellow and green add color to the patch, but because they are matted / faded, they give the impression that the design comes from this period in time.

The text that the designer used is absolutely perfect and the coat of arms also clearly captures this time period.

Despite the beauty of this design, this patch could have easily turned out to be a disaster.  The patch only measures 3.5 inches in width at its widest point and 4 inches in height at its highest point.  There are so many details in this patch that I would have even doubted that we could properly execute it with embroidery.  At 10 inches, this patch would look incredible, but at 3.5 X 4 inches, its not easy to embroider the small text and fine detail.

The top of the patch reads “Virginia Thanksgiving Festival” and that looks flawless.  However, even the bottom text which is 1/3 smaller that reads “America’s First Thanksgiving, Berkeley Hundred 1619”  also looks amazing.  It literally looks like the text was screen printed onto the patch.  I don’t think I have ever seen text this small, look this perfect on embroidery.  In addition to the text, within the actual badge or shield the depiction of the pilgrims and the ship is absolutely incredible.

I am framing this patch in my office.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.




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