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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

MVMNT Clothing

Meet Chris Beaven, Our Customer of the Week

The/Studio: Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Chris: My name is Chris Beaven. I am the CEO and co-founder of MVMNT Brand, LLC.



The/Studio: What does your business do?

Chris: We are a premium quality lifestyle-clothing brand. We created MVMNT because we are passionate about the beauty in simplicity. By providing high quality merchandise with a longer lifespan, we hope to bring back true value in material items. 50 years ago things were made differently, and people held on to things they purchased. Today, we live in a fast-paced and disposable society. We want people, if only for a minute, to slow down and appreciate the little things in life that we all tend to forget.


The/Studio: It sounds like The/Studio and MVMNT have something common! What have you learned since starting your  business?

Chris: I’ve been involved in a lot of various business ventures. Some have been successful, but most of them have not. There are plenty of people out there that are much more successful than myself that you can find great business advice from. Check out Warren Buffets 10 Rules, those are some of my favorite. Personally though, I believe that over anything, you should do what you love. I love music, I love business, I love design, and lucky I get to work in all three of those worlds on a daily basis.

The/Studio: That is great advice! What about your business are you most proud of?

Chris: I’m proud of the fact that we are able, as a small company right now, to provide a high level of quality to our customers. When you don’t do huge quantities of volume, it’s extremely difficult to get affordable pricing from vendors and manufactures. I feel like for where we are right now, we’ve done a good job of bringing a great product to the marketplace at a price point that customers agree with.

The/Studio: What are some of the greatest challenges you face with your business?

Chris: Cutting through the clutter has proven to be the hardest part so far. There are a lot of great brands out there that have done a great job of positioning themselves in front of consumers. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to build brand awareness.

The/Studio: Where do you see your business in 10 years?

Chris: Hopefully we’ll have our brand in major retail chains, and we will have an image we are proud of. I’d like to have one or two actual brick and mortar stores of our own – maybe one on each coast. But I’m not really looking to get in the business of opening up multiple locations all over the country and world.

The/Studio: What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Chris: For myself, I’d just like to be known as someone that was creative, and did good business. I want people to remember me for treating people fairly and always being positive. For MVMNT, I’d like people to think of it as their favorite clothing to wear. That would be the ultimate success.

The/Studio: What is the story behind the custom product that you produced with The/Studio?

Chris: We created a patch with The/Studio. The goal is to sew it on to hats and hoodies. It turned out really great, and its going to look amazing on the products it goes with.



The/Studio: Do you have any promotions you would like to offer our community?

Sure! You can use promo code: FALL10 to get $10 off your order online.


Thank you, Chris, for sharing your story with us!  You have an amazing brand. We wish you continued success.





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