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My Favorite Customer Patch Pictures

 My Favorite Customer Patch Pictures 

We have such passion for creating custom patches. We truly love the patch process and we enjoy the interactive relationships we build with our customers. Creating a custom product is an intimate experience between the customer and the sales representative. It takes trust , patience and communication.

Our favorite part of the entire experience is when those patches arrive to their perspective patch owner. There is no greater feeling than knowing we made their vision come to life. Every now and then we get the greatest gift of all from our customers, and that is picture of them wearing our patches.

Seeing our customers wear their patches is inspiring. We have customers from all walks of life. Our customers are soldiers, athletes,  police officers,  firemen and women. Having the opportunity to see who is wearing our patches creates a special moment for us. We are able to view our patches in a new light because it now has a meaningful purpose , it’s not just an object anymore.

Today , I wanted to share with you my favorite customer patch pictures. I hope this inspires more of our customers to send  pictures of themselves wearing our patches.

The first picture you see below is very powerful. This is one of customers that bravely serves in the army. You can see the custom military patch on his shoulder shelve.

The second picture that you see below is a wonderful picture of two of our martial arts customers. You can see their custom martial arts patches on the left chest of their uniforms.

The third picture you see below is of some of our amazing biker customers.

Their custom biker patches are beautiful , they all have matching ones! The fourth picture is so awesome! Weird Al Yankovic is holding our patch! I want to thank all of our customers who have sent their patch pictures to us , it is greatly appreciated! If you want to share your patch picture with us comment below! Remember that a patch picture is worth a thousands words!




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