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My Son…. The Successful Entrepreneur

My Son…. The Successful Entrepreneur by Cathy Heller

It is time to learn about the CEO of The/Studio. Who else best to speak about him, but his mom? Joseph started the company over 7 years ago, but this is not the beginning of the story.

Cathy_ Joseph's mom

Early Beginnings

Early on Joseph exhibited great leadership qualities and the ability to make things happen. He always achieved high marks in school, never satisfied with being second best and won many awards for his accomplishments.


He loved to debate and used every opportunity to engage his father in a political discourse or battle of the minds. I thought for sure he would become an attorney since he seemed to receive so much gratification from arguing.

He worked on school projects with great enthusiasm and always did more than what was required of him. For instance, he participated in the science fair in high school. He studied the effects of different water samples on soil and won city, county and state for his project. I just played a supporting role by chauffeuring him from place to place to do his research, but he did all the brain work.

In middle school he was a docent at one of the landmarks in our city and in high school he was the founder of a culture club, which is still in existence today. He played basketball and to my chagrin he participated in football.

He has always had a truly amazing sense of humor. Sometimes at the most challenging times, he has risen to the occasion to bring laughter to a difficult situation. This includes during frequent doctor’s visits, while suffering from severe asthma as a child, his sense of humor shined.

His commitment to whatever he decides to be involved in is unparalleled. I could go on and on, but then I would just be bragging…..




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