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New Year by Susan

March 1, 2015

Post-holiday syndrome

The Spring Festival Holiday is over for us and now we are back at work!I left my hometown and came to Shenzen on Tuesday. Although, I can still see some red decorations, the spring festival’s atmosphere is beginning to dissolve. The Spring Festival gave me the opportunity to rest and get together with my family and friends. I missed them so much! My New Year holiday was full of happiness! Since being back I feel a little sad, leaving my friends and family behind is very hard. I find myself not being able to focus on my work. What’s worse is I find it difficult to get back to my normal routine. Maybe this is called “Post-Holiday-Syndrome”. I need to work, so I must adjust to being back. They say that eating apples and grapes helps cure a lazy mind. I think I should try this ASAP!

Post-holiday syndrome-image


Another New Year has began and I Need a Plan

Sometimes in life we ask ourselves, “what do we fight?”  We fight for a better future!





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