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New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week


by Jehan Loren

I can only imagine what it might be like to attend New York Fashion Week. In my vivid imagination, I am seated in the front row at the Badgley Mischa Fashion Show, my heart is beating so fast with excitement, it seems to be in sync with the loud music blaring. I am seated next to Anna Wintour on my left and Blake Lively on my right, it’s like a chic sandwich, with me right in the middle! The smell of Chanel #5 perforates the air.




My favorite part about Fashion Week is the trends that are exposed. It’s like you are receiving a full fashion forecast months ahead of time, “Fall is going to be chic, with a chance of bold prints and textured designs.”

The Fall 2016 trends did not disappoint. I don’t even care that we haven’t made it through Spring or Summer yet! All I can think about is Fall Fashion!

Here are some of the 2016 Fall Trends to start prepping your closet for:

1. Fur (Real or Faux, your choice!)
2. Black and white outfits (an oldie, but goodie)
3. Bold and brass prints (think animal print or paisley print)
4. Textured attire (think ruffles, not the chips!)
5. Clutches (ladies, we don’t have to carry around heavy bags anymore! Hooray!)

What I like about this list is that most of these items are accessible to everyone. You can put your own spin on any of these trends and truly make them your own. Now if only you had a platform where you can create your own version of these trends and earn some money in the process……………………

Introducing The/Studio Democracy

The/Studio has a new crowd application, where our customers can create their own fashion products and receive free designs and manufacturing.

The/Studio Democracy allows for true customization. With The/Studio Democracy anyone can become a fashion designer. When you create a campaign, you can easily share your new creation on any of your social media platforms. Your fashion product will be available for purchase and any purchases made on your product will result in money in your pocket!


Below are some of our current campaigns:


The/Studio Democracy is going to revolutionize the way people create custom fashion products. Don’t be surprised when trends start developing through The/Studio Democracy and ending up on the runways at New York Fashion Week.





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