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No Is Not In Our Patch Vocabulary!

No  is Not in our Patch Vocabulary

Our motto here at Patches by The/Studio is ” No is not in our vocabulary” . This motto is very important to us because we never want to say no to our customers. We want our customers to have the very best experience when ordering their custom patches , we don’t want them ever to feel disappointed. And let’s face it the word “no” is filled with disappointment , it’s such a negative word! We have made the promise to ourselves to always find a solution and to never use that dreaded word. We sometimes have to think outside of the box or brainstorm but we will always find a way to get the customer exactly what they want. This is what sets Patches by The/Studio apart from other patch companies , we will go above and beyond to achieve our customer’s vision Over the next couple weeks , I will be giving you real examples of how Patches by The/Studio never says no! A couple of weeks ago we received a button loop patch order. The only loop thread option we offer is white or black. Our customer requested a brown button loop. We obviously would never say no to our customer , so we brainstormed and we decided that we would buy raw white material to make the button loop and then have it professionally dyed by another factory. We are the first patch company to think of this! Our desire to please our customers , inspires our creativity. We pride ourselves on being innovative. Allow Patches by The/Studio to bring your vision into reality , we will never say no to your patch dream!





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