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What I Now Know About Patches by Omar

Our Director of Marketing, Omar, wanted to share with you what he has learned about patches since working for The/Studio.


Before I started working in Marketing for The/Studio I had no idea what a patch was. What I mean to say is that I knew what a patch as, I had seen them in movies, on police uniforms, fireman, paramedics but I had never really been aware of them. The way it is now I am acutely aware of them and can see that they are all around us. Whether it’s the paramedics driving an ambulance and going to save a life. The police leaving you a pesky parking ticket, a lot of people are actually wearing patches on a daily basis.

What impressed me about the company is the kind of organization The/Studio is. We are a truly global company with offices in 4 countries, and employees working remotely from their home offices. We embraced the work from home approach to hiring because it allows us to truly get the best no matter where they are and irrelevant to their family situation.

A lot of amazing companies adopt this philosophy, 37 signals which is a very successful company in the tech world has employees in over 40 countries. They actually wrote the book (there is a book called remote) on how it works. When the Katrina disaster happened it was the remote employees of the Louisiana insurance companies who were able to process claims and take calls (since the head office had no power).

This is extremely forward thinking for a manufacturing company. We actually see ourselves as more of a tech company than anything else. Our designers are the best in the business, and we are constantly investing in new processes and improvements to make the patch making process better.

Technology also helps us track order and ensure that The/Studio clients are satisfied every step of the way or can get in touch easily if they are not. As time goes by we will continue to push the limits of technology to ensure that The/Studio keeps delivering higher quality at a faster pace than anyone else.




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