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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

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Whether you’ve worked with The/Studio for a few years or are about to place your first order, you’ll notice there’s a definite buzz around here. The year’s not over and we’ve already made it one of our biggest and most expansive, with a brand new website and loads of attention in Silicon Valley.

This next week, our CEO Joseph Heller is in San Francisco pitching to the G-Startup Worldwide Pitch competition, thanks to the support of our friends on Facebook. We’re celebrating with a 35% off the entire site sale while he’s in California telling venture capital firms the story of The/Studio and its customers.

As a custom manufacturer, we’re only as awesome as our fans. That’s why our success hinges on the success of customers — and as a The/Studio customer, you’re in some of the best company around. In the last year, orders for Nike, Tesla, NASA, the Secret Service, American Apparel, Absolut Vodka and more shipped out from our offices alongside your custom gear. We live for the challenge of a custom order that would be impossible to source anywhere else.

Just this month we worked closely with celebrity Amber Rose to cater to her 12.4 million — no need to adjust your monitors, that figure was right — fans at an event in Los Angeles. Providing her with creative, unique and downright  edgy custom goods in a matter of weeks instead of months, and supplementing it with a smooth online buying experience, was another day at the office for us.

Be on the lookout for news these comings months that will mean even wider ranges of product choice, item customization and pricing options for customers of The/Studio. If you’re thinking of starting a brand or giving your group that extra element of flair, now’s the time to begin. We have great news coming before 2016 is through.

Starting out, we couldn’t have imagined The/Studio you’ve helped create — and we can’t wait to see where working with you will take us ten years from now. We’ve helped brands grow up, groups get big, parties get thrown and products get sold — and we think that the story of you and The/Studio is just getting started.

To get your discount, please mention this blog post to your sales representative; if you’re using our DIY, type “GOODLUCK35” in your notes section for the discount (to be applied after your order).




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