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Olive Drab Green Custom Embroidered Patch

August 13, 2014

The patch that is featured here is a patch that we recently produced for the Chino Police Department’s SWAT unit.  It’s a simple 100% embroidered patch, with a custom badged oval shape, with olive drab green embroidery with accents of black embroidery.  Its interesting because so many custom patch companies don’t get understand what Olive Drab Green is.  Almost 95% of embroidered patches are produced in Asia and imported into the United States.  We have found that the term Olive Drab Green is never translated properly, and most companies never get the color right.

However, because our company has worked with military units, police, SWAT, paintball teams, airsoft teams, and survivalist, we intimately understand the importance of this color.  In fact whether its the Army, Navy, Marines, Rangers, or SEALS, or even almost every last National Guard Unit, they all have a version of their uniform that requires Olive Drab Green.

As a result of the demand for Olive Drab Green Patches by The/Studio we have specifically chosen a particular thread when our customer requests Olive Drab Green.  We chose this particular thread in consultation with our customers in the military and law enforcement.

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