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How On-Demand Manufacturing Can Simplify Your Supply Chain

Traditional apparel manufacturing has long lead times, high minimum order requirements, and minimal flexibility in the process. But in today’s fast, digital world, where customers can get groceries delivered to their door in under an hour and products from around the world are delivered in a matter of days, long and complex manufacturing supply chains are no longer an option for forward-thinking brands.

On-demand manufacturing (ODM) can simplify your supply chain, speed up your delivery time, and lower overhead costs. Keep reading to learn how on-demand manufacturing solutions could enhance the way you do business.

The Benefits of On-Demand Manufacturing Solutions

On-demand manufacturing solutions offer several benefits to brands and retailers alike:

Reduce Your Risk

With no minimum order requirements, on-demand manufacturing solutions can help you significantly reduce the risk of high excess inventory. Lowering inventory means you can avoid excessive markdowns and maintain (or even improve) your ROI.

Consolidate Your Vendor List

Long lead times, high minimum order requirements, and low-quality products are a thing of the past. With on-demand manufacturing solutions, your supplier list is in your control, which means you can add much-needed visibility and transparency to all your orders.

Increase Your Production Speed

With a condensed vendor list and no minimum order requirements, increasing production speed is easier than ever with on-demand manufacturing solutions. With cut-and-sew manufacturing and custom product manufacturing, ODM lets you meet those tough deadlines and optimize product scheduling so you get your product exactly when you need it.

Use Partners You Trust

The simpler supply chain of on-demand manufacturing means you get to work with the manufacturing facilities you trust the most. Using only fully-vetted manufactured partners, you’ll know that partners comply with strict certification requirements for quality, waste management, and business practices, valuable knowledge you can then share with your customers.

On-Demand Manufacturing Solutions at The/Studio

As a custom product manufacturer in the on-demand manufacturing space, The/Studio offers several enhancements that make your life as a brand owner or retailer just a little bit easier. Between advanced technology and clear business goals, you know you’re working with a partner who’s got your back.

You Can Manage Everything Online

At The/Studio, we put the tools you need to get the job done in your hands. Our free software solutions let you get a quote and track designs in one simple interface. You can also track your orders or place a repeat order with just a couple of clicks, and even share real-time order updates with your customers (if you choose). No more managing paper trails and calling for daily updates on your order.

Affordability & Quality Go Together

While some manufacturers make you choose between quality and cost, The/Studio marries the two by choosing an efficient manufacturing supply chain. We streamline our favorites to manage high volume projects from multiple vendors in one place, to lower costs without lowering quality.

New Product Testing Available

Your consumers want what they want when they want it; why make them wait? With no minimum order requirements and quick turnaround times, on-demand manufacturing solutions from The/Studio make it easy for you to not only give your customers what they want, but also test new products in small, demand-driven batches so you can fine-tune your supply using real feedback – all with less risk than ever.

One Place for All Your Products

If you have a different manufacturer for each type of product you have, you’re managing quite a few relationships. Individual factory relationships are difficult to build and can be tricky to maintain. With a single manufacturer for all of your products, you can reduce lead times and take advantage of our network of vetted and certified manufacturers.

Learn more about the on-demand manufacturing solutions from The/Studio and find out if ODM is the right option for your company.




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