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Is On-Demand Manufacturing the Next Big Trend?

When Henry Ford first pioneered the assembly line, he probably never envisioned the changes in manufacturing that we see today. With new industries and new ways of working popping up every day, the face of clothing manufacturing is changing rapidly. On-demand manufacturing is gaining a real foothold in the apparel industry, and it’s quickly changing the way retailers do business. Find out how and why below.

Is On-Demand Manufacturing the Next Big Thing?

On-demand manufacturing, or ODM, is one of many big trends to hit the industrial manufacturing industry. But its rise in popularity is mirrored in other industries as well. By nature, ODM upends the traditional manufacturing supply chain by creating an opportunity for manufacturing and design to take place under the same roof.

ODM also makes it possible to create smaller, more unique runs of apparel. This contrasts with traditional manufacturing, which was designed to create large orders of identical products in an assembly-line fashion.

When Henry Ford created the supply chain model, “keeping up with the Joneses” was what most people were looking to accomplish with everything from their fashion choices to their cars. But today, consumers are looking for the next big thing to set them apart from everyone else. Political and social trends change quickly, and consumers want their fashion choices to display their unique personality.

On-Demand Manufacturing Upends the Traditional Supply Chain

Unlike traditional manufacturing, on-demand and custom manufacturing allow companies to customize their products in quality, quantity, and even their production timeline. With increased automation and advanced technology in the factory, ODM simplifies and speeds manufacturing in a way that reduces production time and cost.

In the same way that timeshares and rideshares reduce the cost of high-ticket items like vacation properties and vehicles, ODM reduces the need for a large investment for companies who want the benefits of small production runs and heavy customization. Instead of investing in the expensive equipment necessary, companies can simply work with an ODM to manufacture their product. And with additional services like design and customization under the same roof, the traditional supply chain simply doesn’t make sense.

How Does On-Demand Manufacturing Actually Work?

ODM puts the power of manufacturing back into the hands of the company placing the order. Retailers place an order with an on-demand manufacturer such as The/Studio, and the order goes into production. Design services and a cloud-based management system offer a competitive advantage over traditional manufacturing, but it’s more than just that.

On-demand manufacturing with The/Studio means no minimum order requirements, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing. With more than 4,752 machines at our disposal, we use our network of favorites and our wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry to leverage advanced technology to get the job done right and quickly.

Is ODM the next big thing? We think so. For more than ten years, we’ve satisfied over 100,000 customers, and we’re still growing. When you’re looking for speed, quality, simplicity, and affordability, consider custom manufacturing with The/Studio. Learn more about ODM by reading our story today.




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