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Options by Greg

January 12, 2015

Options, Options and More Options

Options, otherwise known as choices…  We have them and make decisions based upon them everyday.

It’s kind of like the song from The Clash – “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”.  OK, hopefully I did not just date myself again…

But I believe the options, or choices, we make everyday do not have to be between two extremes.  Yes or no, etc.

It is a mindset

My mindset is delivering the best possible results.  The options just determine which would bring the best possible results.  In the end, it is all good.  It is just that some options maybe better than others.
The end result of our option choices should always be 100% customer satisfaction.  In today’s business environment there is never a “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” option.  The only possible options available are those that develop satisfaction, loyalty, and trust from our customers and business partners.

So here is my definition of “option choices” we have everyday:


1.  Success
2.  Satisfaction
3.  Triumph
4.  Accomplishment

Now those are option choices I think everybody can live with.

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