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How to Order Custom Patches by Christian

How to Order Patches

By Christian

For patch enthusiasts with a knack for customization, it’s not uncommon to be curious about the patch creation process. In this blog post, let me please walk you through the 10 easy steps of how to order custom patches. This is an informational guide that explains just how easy it is to create amazing patches at The/Studio.

Step 1 – Requesting a Quote

Just like all great achievements, ordering a custom patch starts with our customers’ ideas and initiative. Most people navigate to our website and fill out the information fields in our custom patches quote form, and click “give me your best price” to submit the your quote request. All that we require is your name and email, but we also give our customers the options to enter highly-descriptive information, like uploading an image file of your desired patch design; or special notes on how you would like us to build your patch; or the upcoming deadline that you need your patch to be delivered by. By typing just a few words and clicking “submit”, our customers take the first step towards a quick and efficient patch ordering journey.

TIP: If you provide us with a telephone number that can receive SMS messages, then we are able to send you convenient SMS notifications for each of the important touch points during your patch order process. For example, we’ll ask for your approval on samples, and let you know when your order is shipped.

Step 2- Receiving a Quote

When it comes to speeding up your custom request, taking the hi-tech route is how The/Studio patch orders regularly achieve the fastest turnaround time in the world. Immediately upon submitting your quote request, our dynamic system, The/Studio Factory Cloud, is able to accurately calculate the price of your patch order, and send you an informative email wit potential price breaks for larger and smaller order quantities. Within 30 seconds, of filling out the quote form, you will have at your fingertips all the introductory stats you need to proceed with your order.

TIP: The automatic quote that our The/Studio Factory Cloud emails to you is representative of our patch prices before any added-on special options. Plain patches can be beautiful and functional, too. But, if you’re interested in our wide selection of special options, then there may be an additional charge when you receive your invoice. Also, our patch special options prices are listed on our website.

 Step 3 – Placing an order

If you’re satisfied with our low prices – and believe me, they’re the best in the business – then this is when we’d kindly ask you to make a purchase. In general, our customers prefer to make payments through our PayPal or by credit card, but we also accept cash, checks and even travelers checks for our customers on the go. All of our payment procedures are guaranteed 100% secure, and we will never use your personal information for anything other than the patch purchase you intended.

TIP: If you want to learn more about how we handle your personal and billing information, then please feel free to check out our privacy policy.

In most cases, our customers prefer the traditional transaction method of calling directly to the extension of their The/Studio Creative Specialist, then exchanging payment information directly over the phone. But, other customers may decide to purchase through email. In either case, our sales team will prepare an official invoice for you, which cites the exact dollar amount for your patch order. Always looking to become 1% Better Everyday, we are currently working on an online purchasing platform that will allow our customers to order customized patches from our website, even without ever talking to a person. Eventually, you’ll be able to order patches how you buy books online – just as easy! Of course, we’ll still allow you call in to your customer representative any time you’d like, but the e-commerce platform in development will be perfect for those customers that like patches more than people.

 Step 4 – Creating the Design Artwork

After you approve your invoice, this is where the True CustomizationTM begins! Our designers take your patch idea and create an artistic mockup up to establish the base for all important steps towards making your patch perfectly that come later on. Our designers fully understand that creating graphics and details intended specifically to be made into patches. Devoting their artistic abilities toward the medium of patches means that our team of artists will take into consideration the size, shape, lettering and various other crucial details that pertain specifically to patches. “Designers with patches in mind” is one major benefit that you receive when choosing The/Studio.

TIP: Our artists are able to finish your digital sample fastest if you provide us with an accurate image to work from, but we’ll accept a napkin sketch – even a verbal and written description. Still, for fastest results, try to provide us with a vector art or a high-resolution image. And if you know the Pantone or PMS color codes used in your logo – thank you – that’s the true cherry on the top!

Step 5 – Editing the Design Artwork

Once the first version of your Design Artwork is created, our production team can send you a notification through both email and SMS text messaging. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your digital sample mockup. It’s up to our customers when to inspect the digital sample, and to give their approval. We’re perfectionists, and we hope our customers point out any design problems. So if there is even a single tiny detail that isn’t exactly right, please let us know. In light of our quality-first policy, we allow our customers to request an unlimited number of edits. Each time our design team revises your design artwork design they will upload your sample into The/Studio Factory Cloud and you will be sent another notification to check the design, and step 4 (Receive the Digital Artworke) starts over.

TIP: Ordering your patches works faster if we can identify problems early. It’s important that you closely and meticulously look over the design artwork in order to avoid a headache later on. Only approve your design artwork after every small detail is exactly how you want it!

 Step 6 – Creating a Digital Sample (CAD)

Once the design artwork is approved, then our team of CAD specialists make your design artwork into a CAD file (computer-aided design). Essentially, this is the process of making the patch design into a format that can be read, processed, and produced by industrial thread machinery – almost like translating simple image pixels into elaborate embroidery and weave patterns with precise shapes and colors. Since the original artwork design was created particularly to be produced into a patch, our CAD specialists are able to quickly and effectively prepare your design to be sent to our factory. By harmonizing creative design with practical application, mapping your digital sample ensures accuracy during the production process.

 Step 7 – Producing the Actual Sample

Once the CAD file is completed, it promptly is sent to our factory, where technical experts upload the CAD file into the cache of our cutting-edge smart embroidery machines and industrial looms. Depending on the colors you choose for your patch, the machines are also installed with Pantone perfect-match thread spools. Voila! Everything is set to manufacture your sewn-out sample! In order to confirm that the artwork was converted into CAD form with absolute perfection, we first produce a single sample for our customers to approve.

 Step 8 – Approving and Editing the Actual Sample

When the actual sample is finished, the factory technicians scan an image of your single patch and enter it into The/Studio Factory Cloud, also sending another email and SMS notification requesting your approval. We happily provide unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with your actual sample, but we still urge our customers to pay more attention to detail during the artwork design stage. Again, the earlier design issues are solved, the faster and better your finished order can be made and delivered!

TIP: Keep a copy of your digital mockup handy during the sample production stage. After you see the scanned image of the sewn-out sample, you can compare the two, and I’d be you’ll be amazed at how accurately we are able to reproduce your design!

 Step 9 – Full Production

At The/Studio, we like to say that “this is where the magic happens”. After your scanned sample is approved, our production team signals to the factory technicians that the full-scale manufacturing can begin. Our factories are equipped with Tajima embroidery machines and Muller weaving looms, which are the best, quickest and most precise industrial thread machines in the world. Even for unique styles, like custom woven patches and custom chenille patches, on a daily basis we output tens-of-thousands of custom patches for customers around the world. For large and small patch order quantities alike, our production infrastructure is optimized to accelerate mass production for the quickest output in the industry. Incorporating information technology with industrial manufacturing is how buying patches is made so easy for The/Studio customers.

 Step 10 – Shipment and Delivery

Following full-scale production, your patches are sealed into an airtight plastic material that protects your patches from the elements during shipping, and packed into a durable postage box or bag. For almost all orders, we use FedEx and DHL, the fastest and most careful couriers in the world. That’s to make absolutely certain that the patches you ordered arrive on time and in perfect brand-new condition. Standard delivery is part of the service package included at no extra charge, and sometimes we will even provide free rush shipping to relieve any doubts that your package is delivered prior to your deadline. We ship worldwide, and we know how to get your patch order to your address, no matter which corner of the world you live in!

TIP: For hard-to-find addresses, it is a good idea to write your telephone number into your address. This way FedEx and DHL will be able to contact you with any logistics questions.


By completing the 10 easy steps within The/Studio Factory Cloud, you have now entered our unofficial 11th step – “Enjoyment!” Now that you’re well rounded about how to order patches at The/Studio, we sure hope you’ll take what you’ve learned here and have a quick and enjoyable experience on your next order! Ready to get your custom patch order rolling now? To start at step 1, go to our custom patches homepage and submit the form, or call us at 1-877-647-6447!




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