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Our All Time Favorite Custom Back Patches

Custom back patches make quite the statement , they are grand and bold. When wearing a back patch you are guaranteed to be noticed. The only requirement when wearing a back emblem is that you must wear it with confidence. A back insignia is the ultimate patch! You might ask what constitutes a back patch , the patch has to be 6 inches or larger. These types of patches are magnificent but they may not be the right choice for every patch customer.  In order to make an educated custom patch decision , I would like to review the benefits of a patch of this kind. I would also like to share with you some of my all time favorite custom back patches we have created. After reading this blog , I am confident that you will be able to decide if a patch of this magnitude is right for you.

Back patches are ideal for those who have an intricate design and desire a big patch. Keep in mind that these patches are called back patches because they are meant to be adhered to the back of your garments , they can’t be adhered to the shoulder , chest , or the front of any garment. Also , please be aware that custom back emblems are not suitable for every material. These patches are too heavy and bulky to attach to thin material, so make sure the material is thick.

Although anyone can wear a back insignia , I have noticed that these patches are popular amongst bikers , sports teams , and martial artist. I have seen them sewed onto leather jackets and vest , uniforms , and jersey. They really stand out and compliment any garment.

We truly enjoy creating custom back patches because we are able to show our customers how amazing embroidery is. When making a patch this big there are no restrictions. Our artist and production team is able to display their talents with a patch this large. Not every patch company is capable of creating such an enormous embroidered emblem , this takes skill and patience , Patches by The/Studio has both!

Below are some of our all time favorite custom back patches. Enjoy!

As you can see we our very familiar with custom back emblems. We create these patches using the best quality threads and materials. Our creative specialist are very knowledgeable about back insignias , we will answer any of your questions with patience and clarity. We can’t wait to assist you with your back patch! Don’t forget Patches by The/Studio always has your back!




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