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Our Partnership With Other Websites and Companies

Recently the owner of Patches by The/Studio came up with an extraordinary idea , his idea was to create partnerships with other websites and companies that share the same common business. For example , we create custom air force patches so we partnered with , they collect air force patches. We agreed to send them 100 custom air force emblems for free and they agreed to put our link onto their website. Creating these types of relationships are essential to growing your company , both companies benefit from these partnerships. Small businesses have to stick together and support each other. I am going to explain the 3 different ways you can build a partnership with us!

The first way to partner with Patches by The/Studio is if you have a non- profit organization that collects custom patches we give you some of our custom emblems that we have created in the past , at no charge. In return the non-profit organization can mention us on their website.

The second way you can establish a partnership with us, is if your company is willing to advertise or mention Patches by The/Studio their website. In return we will create free custom patches.

Creating content is vital to establishing a strong customer base , which leads me to the third and final way you can create a partnership with us. We can help any company write a blog that will create content and include keywords that will make your website  “Google desirable”. Or we can write a blog about your company on our website. In exchange for Patches by The/Studio to be mentioned on your website.

At Patches by The/Studio , we truly understand  the challenges that small businesses face because after all we are a small business. Let’s work together to form a powerful alliance , one of encouragement and support . We can’t wait to partner with you!

Below are the custom patches we gave to




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