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Outdoor Patches

With summer fast approaching, there will be countless camping trips , fishing  trips and other fun outdoor activities. Outdoor patches are a great way to memorialize your outdoor adventures, we can capture any scenic outdoor surrounding! I want to get you ready for summer so I am going to go over the special options, material and backings that are popular amongst outdoor enthusiast. After reading this blog you will be ready for your outdoor activities!

When creating a custom outdoor emblem it is important to pick special options and material that will bring your design to life. We offer several special options that will give your patch a 3D feel and will also make your patch stand out. The most popular special options amongst our outdoor customers are neon thread , glow in the dark thread , reflective material and frayed edges. The reflective material is great for outdoor activities at night, this material will improve your visibility at night. The glow in the dark thread is a fun option for kids. Any of these options will bring your outdoor setting alive.

Deciding on a backing option is vital, if you are ordering a outdoor patch, we know that that you are going to be very active, you need a backing that can withstand all your movement and activities. The most durable backing option for your patch is iron-on backing or sew-on backing.  These backings are are commonly used for outdoor patches because they are the most reliable patch backings.

When ordering your outdoor patch, consider a PVC patch. PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic. The reason I recommend this to our outdoor patch customers is because they are waterproof and are very easy to clean. They will never fray or fade and they can withstand any temperature, they always look beautiful. There are a couple of things you should know when deciding on a custom PVC patch, you should know that this option is 30% more expensive than a custom embroidered patch because the process is more complex, PVC requires a mold to be made. Also you should know that there is a minimum you must order, which is 50 pieces. Lastly, you should be aware that small details will not be legible on a PVC patch, they work best for designs with not as much detail.

These are merely suggestions, you can choose any special option or material you envision . A custom outdoor patch is perfect for summer camps , fishing groups , hiking groups and camping trips. We can capture the details of any outdoor setting with waterfalls , streams , bears and mountains with our variety of thread options and special materials. When creating your custom outdoor patch let your imagination soar to new heights!





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