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Overcoming Custom Patch Challenges

Overcoming Challenges 

Recently we received a very important custom patch order. Not only was the order for a very important person but it was also a very large order. This order didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped for , in fact this order was one of the most difficult orders we have ever worked on. We have completed plenty of large quantity orders so that wasn’t the issue.

The challenges that occurred during this patch order we had never experienced before. Our perseverance and success with this order has proved once again that  Patches by The/Studio is the best patch company in the industry because no other patch company could of delivered such amazing custom emblems.

We can attribute our success with this order to many things , before I explain this , it’s important to know that 95% of all custom patches come from China. One of the main reasons our customers trust us with such big patch orders is because we actually have an office in China. Most patch companies have their office in the United States but all production is done in China.

Patches by The/Studio not only has an office in China but we also have an office in the United States  and we have American staff that works in the Chinese office. This is important to most customers and to us because we are able to oversee the patch production.  Quality Control is essential and that is why it is imperative for us to have an office in China. With this most recent patch order , a team of us were able to go through each patch to make sure everything met Patches by The/Studio standards.

Our office is right next to our factory , so if any problem should arise we can be there in seconds! I am so proud to work for a patch company that is as innovative as Patches by The/Studio is. Difficult orders for other patch companies would be impossible but for Patches by The/Studio difficult orders are 100% possible!








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