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Patches by The/Studio’s New Policy

August 13, 2013


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You Could Win an Marilyn Monroe Patch

August 6, 2013

51 years ago today , we lost the iconic Marilyn Monroe. I remember the first time I ever saw a Marilyn Monroe movie , I was 7 years old. I was visiting my grandparents and they were watching "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" . There she was in a red sparkly gown , dancing with Jane Russell. I was in awe! She captured the screen and captured my heart at that very moment. I had never seen a woman like this , Barbie couldn't even compare! My fascination with her only grew with age.

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Custom High School Patches

August 5, 2013

High School is a very important time in ones life , you build friendships and hopefully good study habits. Your high school years will flee just as fast as they arrive , so appreciate this time and don't grow up too fast. A custom patch is a great way to cherish your high school experience. You can adhere your custom patch to your letterman jacket or even put it into a scrapbook. I am going to share with you some custom embroidered patches that we have created for high school students , I hope these custom emblems inspire you to start saving your memories on a custom insignia!

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How To Fill Out a Patches by The/Studio Quote Form

August 1, 2013

Although Patches by The/Studio has a very user friendly website , visiting any website for the first time can still be a little confusing. Unfamiliarity can be frustrating and the last thing we want is our customers to be frustrated. We want our customers to order their custom patches with clarity and confidence. I would like to explain in detail how to fill out a Patches by The/Studio quote form.

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All About Custom Button Loop Embroidered Patches

July 30, 2013

Button Loop embroidered patches are phenomenal! They allow your custom patches to be versatile and they also give your custom insignia an amazing and unique look. Button loops were invented by the custom patch company , these types of patches were inspired by the Boy Scouts of America because Boy Scouts are only allowed  to wear certain embroidered emblems on their uniforms.

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Follow Patches by The/Studio On Our Social Media Websites

July 29, 2013

Facebook , twitter , pinterest , OH MY! Social media is everywhere! You can't go on a website without seeing "follow us on twitter" or "like our page on facebook" . Social media is quite the phenomenon and this phenomenon looks as though it's here to stay , at least for now. In my personal life , I don't have any type of social media account. I took a stand against this growing trend but as the marketing coordinator for Patches by The/Studio , I have to participate on these online activities.

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