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Custom Embroidered Emblems For Father’s Day

June 4, 2013

Father's day is fast approaching , and many of us have a difficult time shopping for our fathers. We seem to get our fathers the same thing every year , that obnoxious tie or a power tool set even know he has all the power tools he can possibly stand . This year give your father something unique and unexpected like a custom patch! Custom patches make phenomenal gifts because you can customize them and make them very personal. If you get your dad a custom emblem , you are sure to win the "favorite child contest this year."

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Embroidered Patches Ship Anywhere In The World

June 4, 2013

At Hero Patches , we are proud to say that we ship our custom patches anywhere in the world. There is no destination that is too far , so whether you live in France or Africa , Hero Patches has you covered! We work with the best mail couriers to ensure that your custom embroidered patches get delivered on or before your deadline. We have assisted many customers from all over the world , so we are very familiar with the international shipping process.

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How to Sew on Velcro

May 29, 2013

Velcro backing is a wonderful backing option to use on a custom patch , it's durable and allows your custom emblem to be versatile because you can change the  emblem without having to order a  new Velcro loop. At Hero Patches we sew the Velcro backing onto  the back of your custom insignia , the backing will be cut to the exact shape and dimension of the embroidered patch you order.

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Custom Biker Patches

May 24, 2013

Some of my favorite custom patch customers are bikers! I admire their spirit and their love for adventure. I love being able to live vicariously through our bike customers , I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle but my fear and my mom won't allow me to. I enjoy hearing biker stories and hearing about their experience at  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and other motorcycle events.

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How To Sew On A Custom Patch

May 23, 2013

If you didn't pay attention or  you fell asleep during Home Ec class  ,  then you probably missed the section of the class where they taught you how to sew. Now that you have ordered a custom patch with a sew-on backing ,  your probably wishing that you had paid attention in Home Ec class but no need to fear Hero Patches is here!

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Laser Cut Machine

May 20, 2013

We have the best embroidery machines in the world , all of our machines are Tajiima and are imported from Japan. The machine I am most proud of is our laser cut machine , we are one of the few custom patch companies that have a laser cut machine , most companies just cut the custom emblems by hand. Having these machines allows us to create custom embroidered patches that are unique in shape , we can cut your custom insignia into any shape you can imagine.

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