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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

All About Custom Button Loop Embroidered Patches

Button Loop embroidered patches are phenomenal! They allow your custom patches to be versatile and they also give your custom insignia an amazing and unique look. Button loops were invented by the custom patch company , these types of patches were inspired by the Boy Scouts of America because Boy Scouts are only allowed  to wear certain embroidered emblems on their uniforms.

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Follow Patches by The/Studio On Our Social Media Websites

Facebook , twitter , pinterest , OH MY! Social media is everywhere! You can't go on a website without seeing "follow us on twitter" or "like our page on facebook" . Social media is quite the phenomenon and this phenomenon looks as though it's here to stay , at least for now. In my personal life , I don't have any type of social media account. I took a stand against this growing trend but as the marketing coordinator for Patches by The/Studio , I have to participate on these online activities.

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A Great Idea For a Custom Patch

I enjoy seeing the amazing ideas that our customers come up with for their custom embroidered patches , their designs and concepts leave me in awe. Our customers have shown us that custom patches can be anything you want them to be , the options are endless. If you allow your imagination to run wild , you can create a one of a kind custom emblem. There is no limit to the creativity that can be used on a custom insignia.

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Our All Time Favorite Custom Back Patches

Custom back patches make quite the statement , they are grand and bold. When wearing a back patch you are guaranteed to be noticed. The only requirement when wearing a back emblem is that you must wear it with confidence. A back insignia is the ultimate patch! You might ask what constitutes a back patch , the patch has to be 6 inches or larger.

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First Time Custom Airsoft Patch Customer

The process of creating your first custom patch can be a little overwhelming, there are so many decisons a customer has to make and if it's your first time ever ordering a embroidered patch the process can be a little confusing. But not to fear your Custom Patch Heroes (Creative Specialist) are here! Your Creative Specialist will guide you through each step ensuring your crest comes out perfectly. 

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Inspiring Custom Baseball Patches

The custom patch  that I am about to share with you is truly inspiring. I was having a particularly bad day and this custom emblem really lifted my spirits. On this day I received a call from a gentleman from the offices of KPMG, they needed 700 custom baseball patches and were in a big rush, they needed these custom patches within 3 days. They called so many patch companies and no one was able to meet their rush deadline but I assured him that we would be able to meet his deadline and deliver his order in three days.

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Meet the Hero Patches Mascot

I want to proudly introduce you to the official mascot of Hero Patches. This handsome dog's name is Brando , he was named after the famous actor , Marlon Brando. He is a black Labrador , he is 2 years old and he loves long walks on the beach. Brando is truly the heart of Hero Patches. He comes to work every day with an enthusiastic personality and a wagging tail. He puts a smile on everyone's face! It's not hard to understand why Brando is the Hero Patch mascot , he puts the "H" into Hero!

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Custom Insignia to Remember James Gandolfini

The heartbreaking news that James Gandolfini passed away yesterday at the age of 51 years old , spread through our office quite quickly.With this tragic news, a cloud hovered over our entire office for the remainder of the day.  None of us had the pleasure and privellage of knowing Mr. Gandolfini but Tony Soprano had been invited into all of our households. In fact , just last year our office got together every Sunday and had a Sopranoes viewing party. Some of us had seen the show when it was on HBO but for others it was their first time watching this amazing show.

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Custom Patriotic Patches Promotion

I can already smell the hot dogs and envision the fireworks! It's that time of year again , 4th of July! This is a very important day for every American , on this day we celebrate our beautiful country's independence. Our company is very proud to be an American based company , so in honor of this special day we are offering a 25% discount to all of our military customers and to any customer that orders a patriotic patch. I want to go over the special options and material that are commonly used for military patches.

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