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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Soccer Patches

I have this odd fascination with sharks, I think they are one of the most fascinating animals. I look forward to shark week every year and I really want to go on a shark dive (scary, I know.) There is a point to my shark reference and it does have something to do with a custom patch we created. I was contacted by a soccer coach named Kevin, he had just created a soccer team at his 8 year old sons school and he was the head coach.

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Martial Arts Patches

I really like this custom patch because I think of when I do ballet or yoga or Pilates or even just going for a run with Monroe ( my Siberian husky) can be a really cathartic and healing experience. When I go through difficult times these activities really help me heal. So when I was contacted by Healing Martial Arts studio I could really relate, their motto is to let martial arts heal you.

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Custom Football Patches

I was contacted by the athletic director for harry Truman high school, he wanted to order some custom logo patches for his football but he had no clue what image he wanted on his custom emblems. He said he had some ideas but he explained to me that he was no artist and he really needed help coming up with an image. He asked if I could use my artist ability and create something for him.

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Custom Football Patch Story

I think football fans are very funny, I am always amused when I observe a football fan in their natural habitat ( a bar). They refer to their favorite team as "we", "we need to win this game to get to the Superbowl", as if they are actually on the team. They get very superstitious "If I don't wear my lucky jersey, we are going to loose" like you really wearing your lucky jersey is really going to make your team play better. I had customer that displayed all of these football fan symptoms.

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Airsoft Embroidered Patches

This custom patch was for an airsoft team located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The airsoft team was made up of 13 to 16 year old boys and girls. They contacted our company to create airsoft patches for their airsoft uniforms. They never had a team patch and they all were very excited about getting a embroidered patch that would make them look and feel more like a team.

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