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Panda Packs Patches

Yay for Panda Packs!

The/Studio: Introduce yourself!

Rick Jones: First of all my name is Rick and my wife’s name is Cindy.  We are both students of Tai Chi and our daughter Kylie is a student of Wushu.  We have all practiced martial arts for a total of over 25 years combined.

The/Studio: What is the story behind your custom patch?

Rick Jones: As practitioners of martial arts we have come to recognize a need for a sturdy, well made and attractive bag to transport our weapons in to both practice and performances or tournaments.  Since we have been unable to find such cases on the commercial market we decided to make our own.  My wife is Chinese and was raised for some time by her grandfather who was a tailor in Hong Kong.  It was her good fortune to have learned some of his craftsmanship during her youth.  Having decided to try our hand at this trade my wife has focused her spare time on perfecting designs of weapons bags.  I myself have promoted the idea amongst our fellow students many of whom are quite receptive to her ideas.


The/Studio: Your logo is amazing! Where did you get the idea for your logo?

Rick Jones: I have also helped your artists with the design of the patch based on the all too familiar idea of a Panda who knows Kung Fu or Wushu.  My daughter’s love for Panda’s and my idea to call them packs led to the name Panda Packs.  Hence the Panda with a fighting staff, a backpack, the Chinese Characters for Wushu, and the name Panda Packs.

The/Studio: Where did you adhere the patches?

Rick Jones: At present we have not yet received our patches from your factory; but our plan is to place the patch somewhere near the top of the bag to increase visibility.  We also remain in the development stage at present and while our daughter has a fully functional “Panda Pack”, it is the “Beta” model and is currently in the process of being revised.  We have received many positive comments on our daughter’s bag (and many orders from our fellow students); we have yet to complete our revisions or go into part time production.

The/Studio: What does this patch represent to you?

Rick Jones: To us the patch represents our families love of the martial arts, our daughter’s love of Pandas (she was born in Szechuan Province the home the Giant Panda) and our respect for my wife and my daughter’s heritage.

The/Studio: How did you find out about The/Studio?

Rick Jones:I first located your website while doing a web search and have found your staff to be most helpful and accommodating.  We look forward to a long and successful business relationship.  Thank you Rick Jones for sharing your patch story with us! Panda Packs is sure to be a great success!






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