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Patch Backings by Jilly

November 2, 2014

We have many different backing special option(sew-on backing ,iron-on backing ,Velcro backing adhesive backing , magnetic backing ) different backings have different effects.

Sew-on backing , can be  stitched onto the clothing , it can be used for a very long time

Iron-on backing , makes the quality of the patch very good.

Velcro backing: this backing has a size issue , the normal size is 4.5″H. If you need over 4.5″H, there is a price difference.

Velcro patch:it has two different sides(hook &loop side) the loop side is very soft, you can sew it on the clothes directly, the hook side will add onto the patch backing,  you can add it or tear off  by yourself

Adhesive backing:this backing you can add on your clothes directly. This backing can only be used for a few days. It can’t used the same way as iron-on backing

Magnetic backing : This backing can be put on a fridge.

A patch can only have one special backing. You can’t have two different backings. However, you can place two different orders with different backings.

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