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Patches – a Temporary Fix That’s Here to Stay

Back in the early days of The/Studio, we never expected our flagship product to be a fashion item. That first paintball patch was a daring little design but hardly revolutionary. Since then, we’ve always been committed to excellence in patches, but also felt compelled to expand our selection, too. Surely, customers would welcome other items, too.

Turns out, we were right and wrong. We’ve rolled out almost over fifty products since 2006 but none have neared patches’ unstoppable popularity. And we’re floored by the creativity that goes into them and the wild places they end up going. And more recently, we’ve been surprised at the places that patches show up in the professional fashion world.


Far from just covering up holes on your favorite pair of denim, stylized patches are now sported by celebrities, Instagram icons, musicians, artists and everyday fashion aficionados.  They remain the most versatile, durable, long-lasting and cost-effective means of expressing your brand without exhausting your wallet. And that’s pretty cool.

The fashion houses are taking notice. Patches are showing up everywhere from kid’s pants to high-end t-shirts and coats as a bold alternative to run-of-the-mill embellishments. PVC patches handle a rainy day in the brush or construction muck as well as you do; embroidered patches last in countless washing cycles and maybe longer than the fabric underneath them; woven patches add a dimension of precision that screenprinting can only dream about — and don’t flake off after a wash or two. Show us an apparel market and we’ll show you a patch born to rock it.

Thanks to their versatility, we see the patch trend continuing — and The/Studio customers don’t have to worry about keeping up. Every week, our patch manufacturing techniques get a little faster, efficient and more precise. Remember that last order we did for you? Don’t be surprised if we can do it faster and for less this time around. Still waiting to pull the trigger on your first order with us? You’ll be surprised at how simple, painless — and maybe even fun — it is to get exactly what you have in mind.

Going into 2017, The/Studio might be the only supplier equipped to keep up with this latest fashion fad — after all, we helped start it.

Getting started is free and takes ten seconds —head over to our patches page and get a quote in just minutes.




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