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Patches by The/Studio Is Proud To Produce Patches for the Fashion Brand Shredded Memories


We are of course proud of all the custom patches that we produce, but there is always an extra degree of pride when a fashion brand orders our patches for use on their products.  The fashion industry has the highest levels of requirements when it comes to every aspect of the product.   Obviously everyone understands that fashion brands mark up their product five or six times the actual production price.  For those that understand the fashion industry, you are paying for the design and the quality that the brand produces.  Because fashion brands mark their products up so significantly, they must justify the price of their products with both awesome design and very high quality.   When a fashion brand chooses Patches by The/Studio it is a recognition of the high quality of our patches.  We recently produced a patch for a brand of fashion caps called Shredded Memories.   It’s a unique fashion concept.  Everyone has seen the torn look, but they take the torn vintage look to an extremely and really “shred” the caps.  From their website this is what Shredded Images has to say about their brand: Established in 2012, Shredded Memories launched the original, independent line of luxury head wear for men and women. Each hat is hand made from start to finish with a non-assembly line approach guaranteeing a one of a kind similar, but never duplicated product. The Shredded Memories trademark “Patch Tears”, burns and color variations make it a standout, year-round accessory to compliment any style. All of us have memories; they define who each of us are as individuals. Shredded Memories was founded with the deep belief that we all need to shred the bad memories that we have and make room for good ones. Every Shredded Memories hat is touched by human hands. Loving care and thought is put into each one. Some are meant to be worn as a symbol of triumph over what has caused us pain in the past, while that very same hat may be worn to remember a relative or friend in the military, to remind us of a parent or grandparent, or merely as a symbol that WE are going to determine our memories in the future. We are so pleased that these hats are selling like crazy and in some little way changing someone’s day as they put the hat on. Shredded Memories was founded under the principals of creating a unique, American made product with a timeless appeal and vintage look. Shredded Memories is a new brand and they are doing well and we wish them continued success.  Check out their website at and you will also see the custom embroidered patches that we did for them.




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