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At Patches By The/Studio Your Feedback Counts.

October 19, 2015

We really value and appreciate our customer’s business. Their feedback whether positive or negative is essential to our growth as a company. Your voice matters to us at Patches by The/Studio , what you have to say is very important to us because we rely on your feedback to make changes and improvements to our company. We want all of our customers to be satisfied customers , we want you to know that we listen and take into account all of your ideas , concerns , recommendations and suggestions.

Take this incident for example , one of our customers politely told us that her creative specailst could of had better customer service. At Patches by The/Studio we pride ourselves on great customer service , so when the owner heard about this , he scheduled a mandatory meeting to discuss the importance of amazing customer service. We took this constructive criticism and immediately took action.

We of course love hearing positive feedback! But even when we receive positive feedback , the owner insist on having meetings to discuss the positive feedback , this way we know that what we are doing is getting great results and we know to keep on doing what were doing. This also creates great morale for the company and encourages us to keep up the good work.

We are so committed to improving our products and customer service , that we send a customer survey to all of our customers after they have received their custom patch order. We want your experience at Patches by The/Studio to be amazing , we want you to be in awe of our products and we want you to notice the knowledge and kindness of our creative specialist. Please feel free at any times to give us your feedback , it is more than welcomed!

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