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“Patchify” Your Life! Emblems Anywhere and Everywhere

September 22, 2015

 Patches Everywhere 

The thing I like most about custom patches is that they are so versatile! You can adhere patches to almost anything! Emblems spruce up the most boring things. Patches are effortlessly cool without trying too hard. Over the next several weeks I will be giving you some ideas on where you can adhered your custom patches to. Patches are no longer just for bikers and girl scouts , they can be enjoyed by all! Since Patches by The/Studio is a patch company there is no shortage of patches to be found. We have thousands of beautiful custom patches just laying around. With such beauty surrounding us everyday of course we get inspired! Our most recent patch project that we created was a bag. We took a plain bag and decorated it with custom patches. We loved how the bag came out , it looks current and fashionable! As you can see there is so much that can be done with a patch. Patches can make anything look fascinating! Patches by The/Studio is always trying to find innovative ways to incorporate patches. Get patch happy with Patches by The/Studio and share with us how you use your embroidered patches ! Stay tuned for other ideas on what you can “patchify” next! tote-bag-covered-in-patches

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