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Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Coins

At Patches by The/Studio , we create more than just custom patches. We can bring into existence anything you can imagine! Recently we created customized coins for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at Cal Berkeley University. The owner of Patches by The/Studio was a member of this fraternity when he attended the University of Berkeley. He has always remained an active member of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity , even years after graduating. He has such loyalty to his frat bothers and will always be involved with any and all Pi Lambda Phi alumni events. In fact , Joseph Heller has been so involved with his fraternity that this is not the first product we have created for them. We have created custom patches , custom t-shirts and custom caps.

Joseph is very proud of his fraternity and of Patches by The/Studio , those are probably his two greatest passions in life. So being able to incorporate the two has been amazing for him. I would like to introduce you to this amazing fraternity because this will not be the last blog I write about them. And I would also like to share with you the coins we created for them. I hope after reading this blog you will be motivated to think outside of the box and try something new!

First just a little history lesson about Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. The fraternity was founded by Frederick Manfred Werner , Louis Samter Levy , and Henry Mark Fisher at Yale University in 1895. The three founders were all different religions , one was Catholic , one was Protestant , and one was Jewish. The young men grew tired of the constrictions of fraternities at that time , they were separated by religion and race. They had a different vision for a fraternity , they wanted ” a fraternity in which all men were brothers , no matter what their religion ; a fraternity in which ability , open- mindedness , farsightedness , and a progressive , forward – looking attitude would be recognized as the basic attributes.” Fast forward to 2013 and now Pi Lambda Phi has 35 active chapters and four colonies in the United States and Canada.

Now that you have been formally introduce to Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity , let’s take a look at the coin that we created for them. This beautiful coin shown below was created for those who have donated money to the fraternity. It’s their way of thanking them for such generous contributions.

As you can see , Patches by The/Studio is a multifaceted company. Although we are known for our custom patches , we never limited ourselves to producing just one product. We are always looking for new products that will grab our customers attention. I would like to thank Pi Lamdba Phi Fraternity for bringing some excitement into our lives and having us create something we have never created before!





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