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Our Plea to the FIBA

September 1, 2014

What better way to honor your injured teammate than with a custom patch? This is what The USA basketball Team intended to do during their scrimmage against Brazil, in honor of Paul George. To understand why the USA team wanted to honor Paul George, we have to go back to August 1, 2014. During a Las Vegas scrimmage, George fractured both bones in his right leg. Paul George will most likely miss the entire 2014-2015 season. His missed presence on the court will definitely be felt deeply. He is a well-respected player and is said to be one of the best players on the team.
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The USA team decided that they wanted to wear patches to show their support for Paul George but their plans were quickly opposed by the FIBA (The International Basketball Federation.) While the reason behind the FIBA’s response is unknown, we can imagine that they have strict uniform guidelines that the players must follow but you would think that special circumstances would trump certain rules.

paul george

When we first heard that the FIBA denied players their right to wear patches, we were extremely disappointed. As a custom patch company, we know how important custom patches are. Patches allow a person to express themselves without saying a single word. They also unite and lift morale amongst a team. More importantly patches display great honor and respect.

This is our plea to the FIBA to allow the USA Basketball Team to wear their Paul George patches. Allowing the team to wear their patches will bring happiness and solidarity to the team, Paul George and to the fans. We want the FIBA to realize that traditions and rules can be changed for the better. Everyone deserves the right to wear patches!

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