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Police of Finland by Omar

The Poliisi or the Police of Finland have a wide variety of cool patches. They also have a very cool unit called the Water Police.




We recently came across an article in on the water police of Helsinki and thought that their patches looked really neat.



 These guys basically patrol the waters in and around Helsinki and are in charge of keeping the peace both on water and on land.


helsinkipatch 2


They cover 70 Nautical miles East to West and at first glance seems to be working in a very beautifully low stress environment. The beauty of the bay in the summer is truly breathtaking and their boats are powered with a water jet system that is both environmentally friendly and extremely fast. In addition to the 70 miles of coast they have to cover, they can sometimes be sent on missions as far as 20 miles out to sea.


Their toughest time is in Autumn when the temperature drops. The winds pick up and they sometimes have to battle waves up to 4 meters (13 Feet) high.


The finish coastline has very shallow waters and lots of islands which makes it very hard to navigate. This is truly an elite branch and their patches are extremely cool (an inverted sword)




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