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Preparing for Success by Emmy

Preparing for Success

In my free time I enjoy competing in Obstacle Course Races, maybe I should rephrase that:  I live for competing in Obstacle Course Races in my free time!  I ran my first race in June of 2013 and thought I was going to die about a mile into the race (I’ve never been a runner).  Well, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t take losing lightly.  I am very competitive (mostly with myself), and have always felt that if I struggle with something it should be a priority to overcome or conquer whatever that something happens to be.  After that race (that I thought was going to be a piece of cake), I realized my training and nutrition were no where near where they needed to be and although I trained incredibly hard and ate incredibly healthy, it wasn’t the right kind of training or nutrition.  I needed to do my homework and figure how to run a race efficiently and to feel good doing it.  I researched nutrition tirelessly and enrolled in two different fitness trainer certification programs and after experimenting with both I decided it was time to run again.  I ran in a much harder race this time in October of 2013 (more than a year later) and got 2nd place!  I cannot tell you how it feels to stand on a podium after competing in an event like that-it’s priceless!  The athletes that run these races are incredibly dedicated and committed to fitness and nutrition and are a true inspiration to me, so for me to fall within the same caliber as them is humbling.  Since that race in Oct 2013, I’ve competed in 9 Obstacle Course races, all of which I’ve come in the top 10%.  Finally, I’ve found what works in terms of training and nutrition and although I’ve only placed 1st once, I am satisfied with my level of success at this point and will continue to compete and strive for improvement.

Preparing for Sales and Obstacle Races are Similar

How does this tie into my position with The/Studio?  Well, preparation for a race is very similar to the preparation required for success in sales.  It requires tireless research, persistence, attention to every detail, and continual learning as a result of being unsuccessful in sales from time to time.  The key to it all though, is never giving up.  If you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results.  That is something I am never satisfied with, in racing or in sales, so where most people would never set foot on another course after a disastrous first race, I am the opposite, I will race until it’s so easy that it offers no challenge anymore.  In sales, even after the rudest prospect hangs up on me, I will put them on my “special list”, the list that gets the most attention from me because winning over a difficult customer who wants nothing to do with you is the MOST rewarding aspect of my job….apparently I love obstacles of all kinds.




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