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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.


About Photoshop

The third week , I have learned more Photoshop functions. And I also use more functions to edit the photos, it is great!  I now know how to use the pen tool better than before. The pen tool is helpful to make pictures nicer and clearer. I realize the pen tool is a wonderful tool!  Another problem that troubled me is that my speed to edit pictures is slow. So I often spend too time on editing. I feel bad. Maybe I don’t quite fully understand the other functions of photoshop and that’s also the reason I edited so slowly. Just like Joseph Albacite said, I need to practice more. Yes, as the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. So I will practice and practice then my skills will improve.




This week I have a task to do the Landing_Page­­_URL­­_List.  Our website is so beautiful.  I think it is eye-pleasing and I admire our designer. Patches are divided into different industries ,so people can choose the patches of their specific field from our studio. The/Studio  is just like a market platform. We always do our best to make our website nice and display our beautiful products.  I hope our new website can be even more beautiful and comprehensive. I would like to learn how to design this website and maybe I can start designing by myself one day.


My sick computer


This week, my computer has been very slow lately and has froze on me so many times. I can not finish my work on time, it drove me mad! I don’t know whether there is a problem with my computer or if I am using it wrong.  My computer drives me crazy!

computer - drives- me -crazy -image




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