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Product Design Trends That Inspire a Fresh Start This 2021

Today, great custom products are characterized by exceptional designs, particularly in this social media era, where what people say about your brand matters.

As a business owner, updating your custom product design is the key to attracting lifelong customers, boosting sales, and giving your brand a hedge above your competitors.

Believe it or not, customers do judge a book by its cover, and that old “play with the newest kid on the block syndrome” isn’t exactly old. Thankfully, new design trends have emerged that prove to be a fresh start for 2021. 

So if your product design is one more addition to a long list of generic ones, we’ve got you covered with these ideas for your products this 2021. 

Simple and Classic Fonts

We will be seeing more classic and simple fonts in the coming year because these fonts evoke elegance and simplicity. A well-executed product design with simple fonts can be arresting for viewers and increase engagement.

Minimalist Designs 

A few years ago, the trend for product designs seemed to veer towards cluttered designs. But not anymore. There has been a constant shift towards more minimalistic designs each year, which will continue into 2021. We will see minimalism across logos, branded merchandise, and advertising hoardings.

Motion Logos

Jazz up your product logos in the coming year by including motion. Motion logos are an excellent way to grab your user’s attention – a priority in a content-rich world.

If you’re looking to incorporate motion logos, you may need to consider redesigning costs and style. Don’t fret. The process is not as expensive. There are budget-friendly designs that can still improve user engagement and inspire a fresh start in 2021.

Hand-Drawn Designs 

Hand-Drawn or hand-painted designs are also in. Already, lots of brands are looking to get authentic art for their custom product designs. One beer label is already doing something beautiful with their “Home Sweet Home” hand-painted bottles. This particular design isn’t just hand-painted; it’s also uncluttered and simple. 

Two-tone Colors 

Embroidered patch example.

Cluttered designs aren’t the only outdated trends in the product design industry; multiple colors are out. Some of the best product designs churned out in the last few months came in fewer colors. Designers and businesses alike seem to favor a two-tone color approach for a clean looking design. 

Animated Characters 

animated character charlie brown patch

We bet you’ve seen quite a few product designs with animated characters in recent months. That’s because animated characters are trendy, plus they’ve been a great visual tool for brands in the past, and they will continue to be so in 2021.

It doesn’t matter if you are opening a new coffee shop around the corner or have a custom merch store; you can’t go wrong with a few animated characters. 

Your product design is the first connection between your business and your target market. Make it count by taking advantage of these new product design trends. 




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