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PVC Products by Susan

February 9, 2015


I can’t believe this week is already over. Every Thursday when I write a blog post I think to myself,  “Wow! This week has gone by so fast.”  So I wanted to ask myself, what have I learned this week? Have I made any progress?


On a Positive Note

One of my responsibilities, PS-editing has made progress! I took more PVC Keychain pictures this week and I learned  how to set up a new background with the requested sizes and keep the proportions! This was all thanks to Joseph! He showed me an instruction video. Now I’m quite familiar with the Photoshop process and I can use more tools than before.  I’m glad I have learned more this week. This really satisfies me!

On a Negative Note

Although, I had a positive week there is something frustrating me, the camera! I have to learn all of the key functions so I can actually use the camera to it’s fullest potential. I am eager to become a  professional photographer. I wish I would of majored in photography in college. I really enjoy it and regret that I didn’t take it up as a hobby.  It is not easy thing to become a professional photography in a couple of weeks. It’s impossible! As of right now I can only use the AF to take pictures. This is a very simple button on my camera. I tell myself I just need more time to learn.


 Big Plans in February

February is here and our marketing team is promoting our PVC products. I will be responsible for taking pictures of all of our PVC products. I am not worried about this at all! I am confident that I will be able to take beautiful pictures!


pvc- image.png




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